We Can Help You.

At Lyn Chapman & Associates we aim to provide unrivalled friendly customer service. We have a flexible, hands-on approach to our work, adapting to client needs in order to reach preferred outcomes. We use commercially available programs as well as pallet provider systems, and can assist you with their implementation.

Our Services include:

  • Assisting with pallet stocktakes;
  • CHEP & Loscam Invoice explanation & analysis;
  • Compilation/Audits of your CHEP or Loscam Stocktake & Reconciliation results to determine pallet loss/gain;
  • Design effective pallet control processes & procedures specific to your site(s);
  • Evaluation of existing pallet control systems, processes & procedures & provide recommendations for improved pallet control;
  • Helping you to understand delay day transactions;
  • Investigate & attempt recovery of historical pallet losses;
  • Investigation & resolution of outstanding rejections and/or corrections;
  • Offsite docket entry & management of CHEP/Loscam accounts on your behalf using existing pallet control programs; and
  • On-site training & education of new or existing Pallet Control staff.

If you would like help with any of your pallet control problems contact us.